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Welcome to the family. An inevitable ending.

Just another joke about the characters from PACMAN.

You all must know that this is the inevitable final for the yellow maze runner.

Chaos. A poster tribute for Akira.

Akira (Katsuhiro Otomo, 1988) is one of my favorite films within the scifi / fantasy genre.

After seeing it I had the need to do with the original manga what I could not get until many years later.

That cyberpunk / dystopic environment with a strong pseudo metaphysical charge really catches you.

And certainly the film seemed to me, at the time, a spectacular leap in technique and how to tell a story in an animated movie that is still fresh and dynamic today.

Here is my little poster tribute to such a great master piece.

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The trap. A pacman parody.

Sure you know Pacman. The game created in 1980 by Namco.

This game has long since stopped being just a simply game to become an icon of pop culture and has been interpreted and parodied thousands of times.

In case you have spent this thirty-odd years locked in a cave and summing up the game in the basics, Pacman constantly crosses a maze full of dots and powerdots, pursued tirelessly by some cute ghosts.
Our protagonist (a yellow ball) eats these dots and occasionally some fruits that provide bonus points and that clearly are their favorite food.

Until now this was so. But the ghosts have decided to change strategy and plan an infallible trap to capture our speedy cheese.

This design is available as tshirt an other awesome stuff on my Teepublic store.

Slashers and horror movie killers for coasters design.

Freddy Krueger from Nightmare on Elm Street, Pinhead from Hellraiser and Jason Voorhees from Fryday the 13th.

The first characters for this proyect I had forgotten on the catacombs of my hard disk.

Just a recovered old idea for some coaster designs inspired by slashers from popular horror movies.
Is available as tshirt and other awesome stuff in my stores on Redbubble.

Killer Bees on Mars.

So long since my last post but now i have finished my last job... at last.

One of the topics that I like to draw about is undoubtedly the sci-fi theme and even more if I mix it with some nightmare and of course I love to put astronauts in delicate situations.

JCMaziu Anxiety, scifi horror astronaut

Now we have a brave space explorer pursued by a bunch of martianized killer bees. The kind of situation I would love to see in a B movie.

JCMaziu Killer Bees on Mars

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